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10 Years of Discovery
Our first 10 Years


The Troop again stood at 40 Scouts to start the year, but 18 new Scouts joined  them.  Steve Kinz became the Troop’s fourth SM. The Edward Deborski SPL Plaque was introduced this year to encourage Scouts to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. 

We attended FREEZOREE and the Ed Dulanay Canoe Derby again plus our third time to the Elkhorn High Adventure base.   This year also saw new campouts for Troop 575 including Pinewood Reservoir, Dowdy Lake, a hike to Mt. Bierstadt and a November trip to Sand dunes. 

The new Scouts went on the first 575 Micro-Backpacking trip during the summer and we went rafting for the first time!  

  • Eagles – Alex N., Matthew H., Christian L., Jeremy H.,
    David K. & Chapin D.

  • SPLs – Chapin D & Mark K.


The Troop continues to stay about the same each year with 44 Scouts at the beginning and a crop of 16 new Scouts.  We made our first trip to the Ft. Robinson Tree Plant in NE and we finally made it back to Philmont.  

We made it to RMNP twice this year for fishing and then backpacking.   Another new tradition started by planting flags at the graves of veterans in the Sacred Heart of Mary cemetery.   We made it to Sand Dunes again and of course our annual Snow Mountain Ranch trip.  

One of the most fun merit badges earned this year was sailing.

  • Eagles – Nathaniel F., Larry B., Paul F. & Nathan S.

  • SPLs – Alex N. & Jordan G.


The Troop stayed even compared to the previous year, but a very large group of 24 new Scouts joined us.  Jean Tomkowicz became our new Committee Chair. 

We tried a number of new campouts this year including Okpik, Ed Dulaney Canoe Derby along with the old standbys of Pawnee Buttes, FREEZOREE, and Snow Mountain Ranch.  We also made it back to Rainbow Falls and sent 8 Scouts to the National Jamboree.  But more importantly, the Troop raised over $1000 for the September 11 victims with their Six Miles for America walk in October.

  • Eagles – John B. & Patrick W.

  • SPLs – Eliott D. & Janson F.


The start of the year saw a greater number of Scouts, 40, staying with the Troop.  Once again our active recruiting paid off with 15 new Scouts.  Bill Nelson was our new Scoutmaster after 4 great years under Bob Roesch.  Thanks to the Martens family, a new 575 tradition began with running a tomahawk throw station at Rendezvous.  Mr. Martens also purchased our new web site name,!  Our campouts this year included White Ranch, Indian Peaks, Camp Patiya and our second Elkhorn adventure. 

  • Eagles – Tony B., Aaron C., Erik H. & Scott M.

  • SPLs – Erik H. & Christian L.


The beginning of the year saw a decrease from the year before with only 33 Scouts, but recruiting went well as 15 new Scouts signed up.  A few Scouts earned their religious award after spending time with Seniors at Balfour in Louisville.  Campouts this year included our first Elkhorn adventure, a return to FREEZOREE, White Ranch and Great Sand Dunes National Monument.  Bob Warden became the new Committee Chair.

  • Eagles – Conrad R. & Eric M.

  • SPLs – Scott M. & David H.


This began as a very strong year for Troop 575 with a total of 51 Scouts at the beginning of the year.  With no active recruiting, we still had 10 new Scouts join us this year.  The Troop attended its first FREEZOREE at the Air Force Academy.   We once again went to Sand Dunes National Monument, Pawnee Buttes and Snow Mountain Ranch along with a backpacking trip around Camp Tahosa and a biking campout at Cherry Creek reservoir.

  • Eagles – Paul M., Peter M., Steve H. & Zach A.

  • SPLs – Peter M. & Tony B.


We began the year 32 Scouts, but ushered in a large contingent of 20 new Scouts!  Proof that Troop 575 must be doing something right!   We participated in a second Philmont trip and sent 4 Scouts to the National Jamboree.

Troop 575 awarded its first Eagle Scout rank to Logan McDaneld who also earned the Arapahoe District Distinguished Scout award.  In total, 4 boys earned their Eagle rank this year. 

Be sure to read Scott Massie’s 6 part Philmont series and Larry Bailey’s 4 part Jamboree series, both beginning in September.

  • Eagles – Logan M., Dennis M.,
     Nick J., & Josh W.

  • SPLs – Paul M. & Conrad R.

This year saw a change in Scoutmasters as Chuck Schafer entered a MBA program.  Bob Roesch was our new SM and Liz Black volunteered to be Committee Chair.  There were 35 Scouts in the beginning of the year with 6 new Scouts joining.  We once again camped at Lost Creek, Rocky Mountain National Park and went to Rainbow Falls for the first time.  A new winter tradition was started with a trip to Snow Mountain Ranch.  We sent a crew to Philmont for the first time and at summer camp, 575 won the first BDSR triathlon relay race!

Be sure to read Dave Putman's three part series on surviving an avalanche starting in the Dec. newsletter.  Also Mr. Schafer published excerpts from his Philmont Diary over four months starting in the October issue.  Finally in the September issue is a great history of our charter organization, Sacred Heart of Mary Church.

  • SPLs – Conrad R. & Dennis M.


With the Troop now a year old with 32 active Scouts, we started hitting our stride as 7 new Scouts joined.  575 was a very active troop camping at Pawnee Buttes, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lost Creek and a near by campout at Davidson Mesa!  We also started our long tradition of attending every District Klondike and Rendezvous.  This year the new Explorer Post 007 started taking off with several outings planned for the year.  The Troop newsletter got a new name, Mission to Planet Earth. 

  • SPLs – Paul M. & Logan M.


1994 marked the birth of Troop 575 and the beginning of a brand new tradition of excellence in Scouting.    In the beginning, it would have been hard to predict what would be in store for this young troop.  Nobody could have known about the experiences, memories, or greatness that would come to those in Troop 575.

We started with 22 Scouts with 19 new Scouts joining this year.  David Schafer was the SPL, Chuck Schafer was our Scoutmaster, and Linda Hafer was the Committee Chair.  Our yearly tradition of attending Ben DeLatour Scout Ranch also began.

  • SPLs – David S. & Peter M.