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Welcome to Troop 575 
       General Information

Parent Orientation Presentation   Click Here    (if your browser does not support the presentation, go here)

Welcome to our Troop:

Troop 575 is a boy-led troop, but overseen by adults.  The boys basically run the show but the Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters actively assist them as needed.

Meetings:  There are various types of meetings:  Troop, Patrol, Business & Courts of Honor.  The meetings are all on Wednesdays at Boulder Valley Church of Christ.

The entire troop attends Troop Meetings, and each patrol takes one part of the meeting to lead the rest of the troop.  Troop meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 6:50 to 8:00 PM.  The boys wear their Boy Scout uniforms to these meetings.

The Troop places new Boy Scouts into patrols. (This is comparable to a den in Cub Scouts.) A patrol is a group of up to 8 boys of the same age. The Patrol Meetings are the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. At these meetings, the patrols do the planning for campouts and work on advancement. These meetings are less formal; most boys wear the troop T-shirt to this meeting. Scout Business Night, held the fourth Wednesday of every month, is the best opportunity for Scouts to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned and to work towards rank advancement.

A Court of Honor is a special kind of meeting held quarterly. These meetings are to award the boys their rank advancements or the merit badges they have earned. The boys wear their full Scout uniform including merit badge sash.  It is an important ceremony and families are asked to attend to support the boys and enjoy the evening.

"Rank advancement" means progress toward the various ranks in Scouting.  The ranks are: Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, and Eagle. The requirements for these ranks are listed in the Boy Scout Handbook.  Boys are responsible for their progress and work on these ranks at their own pace. The advancement program is exciting and fun, while placing a series of challenges for the Scout to meet. Self confidence is built through the successful mastery of these skills.

The Scoutmaster Conference is a visit between the Scoutmaster and a Scout where they discuss the Scout's activity in the troop and his understanding and practice of the ideals of Scouting. A Scout should schedule a conference after completing all requirements for a rank and prior to the board of review.

After completing a Scoutmaster conference, Scouts should call the Board of Review Coordinator to schedule a Board of Review. The members of a Board of Review make sure the Scout has completed the requirements for the rank, find out how good an experience the Scout is having in the troop, and encourage the Scout to progress further.

Troop Leadership: The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by and leads the troop, with help from two appointed Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. For each patrol, a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader are also elected.  All of these positions are held for six months. The Troop Leadership plan the troop activities at the monthly Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), which meets on Scout Business Night.

The Scoutmaster is the adult leader of the troop dedicated to bringing learning, adventure, and opportunity to the Scouts. The Troop Leadership looks to the Scoutmaster for advice and direction. Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM) assist the Scoutmaster in making sure the troop’s program is interesting and effective and that everyone has a worthwhile time. Junior Assistant Scoutmasters (JASM) are young men ages 16 and 17 who help the troop achieve its goals. Troop Guides coordinate and run the New Scout Program to help first year Scouts learn the basic Scouting skills and to help them advance in their first four Scout ranks.

Activities:  Camp-outs, hikes, canoe trips, bike trips, and other adventures are planned to help the boys develop skills while having fun.  These monthly activities are usually at local areas.

The Troop also attends a week-long summer camp each year. The troop typically alternates between Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch near Elbert, Colorado and Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR) near Red Feather Lake.  Regardless of where it is held, summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to get away, enjoy nature, and learn a lot about Scouting and themselves.  You should register your Scout for summer camp ASAP to ensure a spot for him!

Merit Badge University (MBU) is held twice a year (Spring and Fall) and provides an opportunity to work on a variety of merit badges. Klondike and Rendezvous are district wide events that include Scout troops from all over the area.

Troop 575 has an annual Adventure Program that provides appropriate outdoor challenges for each Scout age group, so Scouts can develop outdoor high-adventure. Events range for two-night backpacks for first-year Scouts to two-week-long trips for older boys to  high-adventure bases like Philmont Ranch in New Mexico and Sea Base in the Florida Keys.

The New Scout Program focuses on teaching the skills required for the first Scout ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. Skills are typically taught by older Scouts at troop meetings and campouts. Scout Skills Day is an annual spring troop event to teach new Scouts fire-starting, wood-cutting, and other outdoor skills.

The Troop Committee:  This is a group of adults that oversees the activities of the troop as a whole.  It is led by the Committee Chairman.  Committee meetings are held each month.

Troop 575 Website:  Known as the Scout Resource Center, it contains information to most Scouting activities, key links, etc.   See:

What does it cost to Join? Dues for all Scouts are $180 per year. This covers district re-charter, insurance, patches, awards, postage, and paying for adults to go to summer camp. For new Scouts, transferring in from Webelos, $40 goes into their own Scout Account (see below).

Fund Raising:  Our troop has three main fund raising activities:  Popcorn Sales and Christmas Tree Pick-up.  These fund raisers provide a great opportunity for boys to earn $50 to $100 that goes directly into their Scout Account. Scholarships are available for active scouts who also participate in fundraisers. See the Scout Master or Committee for details.

Scout Account:  All Boy Scouts in Troop 575 have a personal savings account set up that is called the Scout Account.  If a Scout has money in his Scout Account, he can use it to pay for dues, campouts, Merit Badge University or camping equipment.

Uniforms:  When a boy joins the troop, he is expected to have his own uniform.  This is simply a Scout shirt, red epaulet loops, Longs Peak Council patch, and a neckerchief slide.  He also needs to get the Boy Scout Handbook.  As part of joining the troop, he is given a plain blue neckerchief, the “575” number patch, and a troop T-shirt.  A special troop neckerchief is given to the boy when he reaches the rank of Tenderfoot.  There are some uniforms in the storage closet scouts can take if they don't want to purchase one.

Camping gear varies depending on what your family chooses to do.  As a minimum, a new Scout needs a sleeping bag, a ground pad and a small tent.  A complete camping list is given to all new Scouts.  There are many knowledgeable leaders in the troop who can help you. 

Parents:  What can you do to help?  All parents are encouraged to participate in the running of the troop.  You can help by organizing one of the seasonal activities or be an Assistant Scoutmaster or Committee Member.  Parents are always welcome at all Scout activities and camp-outs.