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Board of Review


Tenderfoot through Life Ranks *

This board of review is made up of at least three and not more than six members of the troop committee. One member serves as board chairperson.  Unit leaders, assistant unit leaders, relatives, or guardians may not serve as members of a Scout's board of review. (In the case where all committee members are unit leaders, a unit leader that has served as a rank or merit badge counselor for the candidate can not be a board of review member.)

Animated Rank

Reminders for Boards of Review
    Please see the Troop Calendar for schedule click here

Prepare The Scout needs to complete all the requirements for the new rank.   Requirements are complete when they have been reviewed and signed off by the appropriate parties.
The Scout is responsible for scheduling his Scoutmaster Conference.   The Scout should contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a conference.   The Scout should anticipate when he will complete his requirements and sign up well in advance.   Waiting until the last minute leads to uncomfortable situations and disappointment.   Once the Scoutmaster Conference has been signed off, the Scout is eligible to meet with the Board of Review for a final sign off.  
Board of Review The Scout is responsible for scheduling his Board of Review in advance.  Like the Scoutmaster conference, the Scout should be able to anticipate when to schedule the Board of Review well in advance.   Board of Reviews are typically the 3rd Tuesday of the month.    Poor planning could result in a delay in a Scout receiving his rank advancement.   Scouts... take responsibility for this and plan ahead.  Exceptions must be arranged with Scott Fowle, BOR Chairperson.
What to Bring
With You


"Be Prepared"    The Scout is responsible to arrive at his Board of Review with all required signatures and forms completed in advance.    Poor planning could result in a delay in a Scout receiving his rank advancement.  Be sure to have...
  • Scout Book with completed signatures from Scoutmaster

  • Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review Form (this should be completed prior to your Scoutmaster Conference; copies should be on the bulletin board)

  • Completed Individual History Report  (Contact Jeff Love, or Scott Fowle for this form.)

Dress The Board will take this opportunity to give the Scout a "once over" on his uniform. This is a chance for the Scout to show pride in his uniform and in the patches he has earned. This is not meant to be a formal uniform inspection, but it should be used as another opportunity to make certain that the uniform is worn correctly.  
  •  Wear Class A uniform
    • Khaki Shirt with appropriate insignia
    • Scarf and slide
Knowledge All Scouts should know and be prepared to recite the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto.   Additionally, the Scout should anticipate being asked questions about their Scouting experience, the things they did to earn their new rank, and what they anticipate doing to earn their next rank. 

There is not a right or wrong answer to any of the questions. They are a tool. The Troop Committee's first responsibility is to make certain that the Scout UNDERSTANDS what he has achieved with his PENDING rank advancement and the additional responsibilities that the Scout will assume as he grows within the Troop.

Approval The Scout is responsible to insure he gets his Scout book signed before leaving the Board of Review.

Note:  If the Scout is not actively participating in his review, or appears to have little or no interest in the questions being asked, the Board is obligated to inform the Scout that he will need to come back at a later date when he is truly prepared.

If the Scout does not pass the Board of Review for any reason, the Board is required to specify to the Scout exactly why he did not pass. The Board must list explicit reasonably obtainable goals for the Scout to pass. A written copy of these goals should be given to the Scout and the Committee Chairman at the conclusion of the Board.

In general, every consideration is given to the Scout to help him gain the necessary approvals for rank advancement.   Still, setting a standard for all Scouts is important for the Scout, the Troop, and Scouting as a whole.


Note:  A board of review is not required for the Scout rank.  Scoutmaster sign off is adequate.    The Eagle Scout Board of Review is a separate process and can be reviewed on the Eagle Page.