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Merit Badge Primer


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How to Earn a Merit Badge  

You younger Scouts have been to camp and perhaps to MBU, so already have some merit badges under your belts. But you may have some “partials” from either event, or may wish to start on a badge or two on your own. This summary of the merit badge process is based on material in the Boy Scout Requirements book.

Pick a Subject. There are nearly 120 merit badges available for Scouts to earn. This can be your opportunity to learn about sports, crafts, business, or science. Check the list in the Requirements book, ask your fellow Scouts, or talk to a Scoutmaster to get ideas. click here

Find a Partner. You’ll have more fun and a better chance of success if you get a buddy to earn the badge with you. In any case, you must have another person with you at each meeting with your merit badge counselor. If not another Scout, it can be a parent, brother or sister, or friend.

Know the Requirements. For an overview of the subject, read the requirements in the Requirements book. Learn more by checking the book out from the troop library and reading through it.

Get Ready. Get a blue card from the Scoutmaster, fill it out with your name, troop number, etc. (we are in the Arapahoe District, Longs Peak Council), and name of badge.  Then have the Scoutmaster sign the Application for Merit Badge section. Check the Troop 575 list of counselors (click link above). If none is listed for your badge, ask a Scoutmaster for help - the District has a list, so we can find you one. Talk with the counselor to plan how you will demonstrate the requirements.

Show Your Stuff. When you are ready, call your counselor to arrange a meeting to review your work. Make sure that you meet the requirements - if it says “in writing,” that’s what you need to do. If it says “demonstrate,” “list,” or “make,” you can’t just talk about it.

Get the Badge. When you are finished, your counselor will sign the card and keep the Counselor’s Record section. Show the card to the Scoutmaster, who will sign again to indicate that you are finished. Take the completed card (both parts) to Mr. Joe Wakefield, who will see that you get the badge at the next Court of Honor. You will get back the Applicant’s Record portion of the card with your badge.

For camp or MBU partials, the situation is the same - you just don’t have as many requirements to complete with your counselor.