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Troop 575 Policies

Troop 575 Scout Account Policy:

  • Troop 575 maintains a Scout Account for each Scout family. These are not savings accounts but a ledger to track Scouts' expenditures and fundraisers. Funds in your Scout Account can be used for Scouting expenses (camping trips, MBU, Troop events, dues, etc.). 

  • The Troop provides a few fundraisers every year. Money earned through a Troop fundraiser is technically a donation to the Troop; however, the profits are split according to the Scouts that participated, with appropriate shares applied to Scout Accounts. Money earned through a Troop fundraiser cannot be refunded or used for expenses outside of Scouting.

  • Scout families can deposit money in their Scout Account at any time. Any such funds remaining on an account will be refunded upon request. 

  • Scout families will be expected to maintain sufficient funds in their Account to pay for activities or otherwise pay for an activity with cash or check.

  • The Troop Committee has access to Scout Account information. Scout families will be contacted, usually around the first of the month, if the balance is less than $10. Scout Account statements will be e-mailed bi-annually in May and December or upon request.

  • If a Scout/family makes purchases for a Troop event such as Court of Honor, material for neckerchiefs, camping equipment, etc., the purchase will be credited to the Scout Account unless a reimbursement check is requested. We prefer that such purchases be made with a Troop check; however, in the case that is not possible, the above policy applies.

  • If a Scout/family leaves the Troop for any reason, it is their responsibility to contact the Treasurer to request a refund of any family-deposited funds left in the Scout Account by Dec. 31st of that year (the end of the account-tracking fiscal year). E.g., if you were to transfer to another Troop the 15th of December, you would have to notify the Treasurer prior to Dec. 31st.

Adopted by Troop 575 Committee Nov 2019

Troop 575 Activity Meal Costs Policy:

  • Scouts and/or adults purchasing food for a campout or Scout activity will be reimbursed per person $4 (breakfast), $4 (lunch), and $5 (dinner). Scouts and adults participating in such events will be charged the same amount. It is the responsibility of the Scout/adult in charge of the meal(s) to appropriately plan and budget meals; excessive charges will not be reimbursed. 

  • All menus will be reviewed by the PL of the trip during the bag check the week prior to a trip. Meals should meet all the minimum requirements of a nutritious and filling meal.

Adopted by Troop 575 Committee Dec 2019

Troop 575 Fuel Defrayment Policy:

  • For trips longer than 100 miles round trip, a fuel charge of $0.05 per Scout-mile will be added to the cost of the outing and reimbursed to drivers who travel with the group.

  • Fuel defrayment will be $0.30/mile for a vehicle pulling the troop trailer (no minimum mileage). This will be included as a budget item and split among all participants.

Adopted by Troop 575 Committee Jan 2020


Troop 575 Code of Conduct:


Members of Troop 575 will conduct themselves by the Scout Oath and Law, which are referenced in the Scout Handbook. Scouts and Scouters (adults) are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.


Discipline Policy:


The spirit of Scouting dictates high expectations for the behavior of troop members -- higher than the standards we often experience in our daily lives. Self-control and self-discipline are attributes expected from all Scouts and Scouters. In order to ensure the health and safety of troop members (youth and adult) and in order for the troop to function effectively, disciplinary actions may be necessary. Discipline and control must be treated as an individual matter, realizing that the basic discipline is preventative in nature rather than regulatory or restrictive. Discipline actions will be conducted away from the troop, with two-deep leadership (praise in public, criticize in private). Adult leaders will never use corporal (physical) punishment, nor subject a Scout to ridicule or embarrassment in front of his peers. Troop adults are expected to enforce a fair and consistent disciplinary plan. 


Items Prohibited from all Troop 575 activities

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Illegal Drugs (including prescription drugs without a valid prescription)

  • Tobacco of any kind or vaping devices for Scouts. Adults are strongly discouraged from smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco. If they believe they must, they shall never do so in their Scout uniform or in the presence of youth members. Adults shall not smoke, vape, or chew tobacco while transporting Scouts in their vehicles.

  • Any knife without possession of the “Totin Chip” (Scouts)

  • Unless in a controlled and adult-supervised setting such as a shooting campout, any instrument or device capable of emitting a projectile (e.g., BB guns, firearms, fireworks, bows and arrows, sling shots)


Acts of Misconduct


Less Serious Acts of Misconduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Violations of the Code of Conduct

  • Verbal misconduct

  • Dishonesty

  • Willful disobedience

  • Initial violations of two-deep leadership practices


More Serious Acts of Misconduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Vandalism

  • Hazing or bullying

  • Weapons

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Assault

  • Improper use of fire

  • Repeat violations of two-deep leadership practices

  • Violations of the law that are classified as either Misdemeanors or Felonies


Any Scouter, Scout, or parent is strongly encouraged to report unacceptable behavior to the adult leader(s) in charge of the activity at the earliest possible opportunity. The adult leader in charge will then determine the best course of action based on the following guidelines. Offenders will be offered due process. The adult leader in charge of the event will be required to notify the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee Chair of the incident, regardless of the outcome, at their earliest possible convenience.


If repeated offenses or more serious Acts of Misconduct occur on an outing, the leader in charge has the right to call the Scout’s parents and ask them to come and pick up their Scout immediately. In this scenario, no money will be refunded for the activity.


Level 1: Counseling


The action taken for a first offense involving less serious Acts of Misconduct consists of a conference with the Scout by a Scoutmaster or other adult leader. The Scoutmaster will report on disciplinary counseling events to the Troop Committee Chair.

Level 2: Written Warning


This action is taken when Level 1 actions are unsuccessful, there are multiple offenses, or for more serious Acts of Misconduct. The Scoutmaster will write a letter to parents with a copy going to the Committee Chair. The letter will contain the following:

  • Description of inappropriate behavior

  • Description of immediate disciplinary action

  • Request for the parents’ cooperation in the matter - most likely requiring that the Scout be accompanied by a parent to all troop activities, including campouts, for a period to be determined by the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chair, not exceeding 60 days.


Level 3: Disciplinary Hearing

This action will be taken when Level 1 and Level 2 have not been successful at correcting behavior. The hearing will consist of a meeting between the Scout, his parent(s), the Scoutmaster, and appropriate representatives of the Troop Committee. Meeting minutes and any agreements reached will be forwarded to all parties at the conclusion. This hearing may result in a Scout being (a) put on probation or (b) suspended.

  1. Probation: Scout can attend regular troop meetings but cannot attend any other activities for a period to be determined by the Scoutmaster, not to exceed 90 days. Activities and/or campouts paid for in advance will not be refunded. The Scout will not fulfill any leadership requirements during the probation period.

  2. Suspension: The Scout may not attend any troop meetings or activities or fulfill any leadership role for a period to be determined by the Scoutmaster, not to exceed 180 days. Activities and/or campouts paid for in advance will not be refunded.


Adult Misbehavior


Inappropriate behavior by parents and/or leaders in the troop may be brought to the attention of the Scoutmaster and/or Committee Chair and appropriate action may be taken by either. In general, any such action can be expected to be tied to the nature of the offense and can generally be expected to follow the above outlined consequences for Scouts. It should be noted that this may include asking a parent not to attend meetings, activities, and/or campouts. In the case of the latter, any actions by the Scoutmaster and/or Committee Chair must be reported to the Troop Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.




This is to acknowledge that our family has discussed the Troop 575 Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy and we are willing to accept and abide by them.


________________________ Date _______ ______________________ Date ______

Scout / Scouter Signature Parent(s) Signature


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Adopted by Troop 575 Committee Apr 2020